Our philosophy

 Unsere Philosophie

Our standards for your project

A partner for our customers

We regard ourselves as a partner for our customers throughout the entire process, that means:

  • We provide you with competent advice right from the start – ideally you will involve us right at the beginning of your project. Even with time-critical projects, we will support you efficiently in every process.
  • We design your painting jigs individually based on your 3D CAD data and sample parts. Throughout the process, we always take into account the painting window you specify. Using masking integrated into the jigs, we can cover parts of components if full-surface painting is not required. 
  • With our efficient production processes, we produce your series jigs in consistently high quality.
  • We offer you testing devices etc. to ensure a consistently precise fit at your site. We provide our customers with cost-neutral testing tools to maintain dimensional accuracy when they use our testing methods.

Reaction times

Short reaction times for receiving and implementing your requirements are standard for us.

Cost effectiveness

When designing painting jigs, we attach great importance to reducing energy consumption for our customers during the painting process. With the best possible painting jigs, you can significantly reduce your running costs during the warm-up and cool-down phases of operation. Ideal painting jigs not only lead to improved paintability and painting quality, but also have an immediate positive impact on your company’s key figures.


We take a holistic approach to quality!

No matter whether it is small parts, bumpers or vehicle body side panels, each of these components must be positioned and held in place in accordance with the parameters of the painting system. In order to keep deviations from this defined position to a minimum, our jigs are manufactured with virtually no warping using advanced manufacturing processes. In order to exclude any deviations from the standard, a 100% test is carried out using test facilities we have developed ourselves.

We recommend  test equipment to every customer. With complex structures you will immediately see the advantage of reliable, fast and precise testing, (e.g. after paint removal). We will be happy to advise you on this.

For us, the quality of the production process at your company is of utmost importance. We support you with our jigs to help you solve problems quickly and efficiently, to reduce costs throughout your entire production process and to organise your painting process in an innovative and future oriented manner.

It goes without saying that we design and produce perfect jigs – and we are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 among others.


Protecting the environment and the economical use of resources are important in all our activities.

This applies to our business processes in that we avoid emissions and waste as far as possible by implementing appropriate procedures and regulations.

The significance of our environmental policy and environmental goals is of course documented by our certification in accordance with DIN ISO 14001.

On the one hand, by using our jigs, our customers save a lot of energy in their painting processes compared to other standard jigs available on the market ( cost effectiveness). This is something we focus on in the design of our jigs. On the other hand, the long service life of our jigs leads to a reduction in waste.

Together, let’s make a contribution towards protecting our environment through resource saving and environmentally friendly behaviour!

 We are happy to help

If you have questions or suggestions about our products or our company or you need a direct contact person – just get in touch with us – we will be happy to help!

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